Bracely update

If I know you (and I think I do,) I’m pretty sure you’ve spent the last couple of weeks wondering how my teeth are, after the incident. Well, wonder no more. I switched to my second tray last week and the pain was much less than the first tray. I have a theory, but it’s boring, so meh.

I’m sure you’re relieved! Now you’re thinking to yourself, hooray, that Eliza is finished with doing expensive, painful things in the name of aesthetics.


Pilcrow tattoo.
To be completely clear, that is NOT a bra strap. It’s a camisole strap. I don’t put my underwear on the internet.

I’d been planning on a second tattoo for a while. The font is Courier New, because I am a dork and because that is what I use to write.

Anyway, today it itches, but at least my teeth don’t hurt.

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