So did I write a hundred pages?

Well, of course not. (Note to self: figure out why you keep setting these impossible goals.) But I did write a lot over spring break. In the last ten days I’ve written 10,571 words, which is about equal to my new goal of a thousand words a day.

That goal is totally reachable, at least thus far, and puts me on track to finish the first draft of this manuscript by June 1st, a day I’ve christened “Finish the book and get a new camera” day, and way ahead of July 1st, which is “If you’re not finished with this manuscript you have to give a significant sum of money to a certain lady politician politician you just cannot stand, you betcha.”

I’ve got fear on my side, is what I’m saying.

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  1. Pamala Knight says on :

    Fear is a great partner. Fear provides motivation and pep talks and icy fingers up your spine and breathless panic attacks when you consider the outcome if you don’t meet your goals.

    And having to hand over a large chunk of change to that particular unnamed lady politician would certainly make fear my best friend.

    Good luck!

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