I just love flash mobs

It’s Muhktar’s birthday. Or his Fødselsdag, if you’re nasty.

I am a huge fan of flash mobs, where unconnected people meet somewhere and do something silly or fun, like ride the subway without pants or freeze in place in Grand Central Terminal. (Those are both from Improv Everywhere. Plenty more where that came from.)

Flash mobs appeal to my sense of spectacle (see also: Lady Gaga.) My favorite flash mobs are those like Muhktar’s birthday or the surprise wedding reception:

or maybe the Best Game Ever:

Sometimes, when the news is full of awful things, like oil spills or floods or any of a million other disasters that we visit upon each other, I want to see something nice. Either that, or I’m trying to mitigate the bad karma from spending a certain percentage of my day reading hateful celebrity gossip blogs.

Mostly I really liked the look on Muhktar’s face once he realized what was going on. Also, who knew that the Danish Happy Birthday song was so long?

2 Responses to “I just love flash mobs”

  1. Megan says on :

    Umm, I think Muhktar must’ve just had the best day ever! That made me just a wee bit sappier!

  2. Eliza says on :

    I may have watched the video three times yesterday and I may have cried each time. But probably not.

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